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June 2011 Newsletter

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June 2011

No summer in sight up in the Pacific Northwest, but lots of exciting new products and trainings to report.

The long awaited new version of Configuration Manger, CM2012, is shortly to be released. It’s currently in Beta 2 phase with expected release later this summer.

As the first and only we can offer already now a Master level class on CM 2012. Kent Agerlund ran the first class on CM2012 (based on beta2) last week in Stockholm, and it all looks good! Check out where you can take this master class and get a jumpstart on the new features in CM2012. 

Mastering ConfigMgr. 2012 Beta 2

To top the regular trainings we scheduled a five day CM2102 & MDT 2012 class with Kent and Johan Arwidmark in “The Ultimate ConfigMgr 2012 and MDT 2012 training “. A week with two MVP’s taking you thru the migrating process and new features in CM2012 as well as deployment of Windows 7 with MDT 2012 and CM 2012.

If you attended TechEd in Atlanta, you may have listen to our Security expert Hasain Alshakarti in his session on security in the Wireless environment (skip the first 10 minutes). He is running his important “Mastering PKI & Certificate Services 2008 R2” this summer. Cool stuff!

Superstar Marcus Murray, rated best speaker at TechEd, will run his “Understand how hackers attack the Windows Platform” on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean this summer/fall. To get a sense of Marcus style and his depth in the subject, check him out from his Cloud Security session in Atlanta.

But wait, there is more……………

We are also launching our new trainings on Mobile devices in the US. First out is “Introduction to mobile device management” soon to be followed more classes in app development for Android and Windows Phone 7. Stay tuned.

Look out for a separate mail with invite to a new webinar series with our instructors/consultants covering the three subjects of deployment, system management and security.

Kent Agerlund:

Fix wrong parameter displayed in dropdown box.......

Johan Arwidmark:

Configure MDT to send an email when deployment is completed

Mikael Nystrom:
Modify Lite Touch Wizard - Part ll


Fix wrong parameter displayed in the drop down box when running converted reports in Configuration Manager

SQL Reporting Services is by far the best choice for working with reports in Configuration Manager 2007. As a built-in feature you can convert all your existing classical ASP reports. This will for most reports work like a charm. But for some reports, you will have to do a little work after the conversion.

1.    One minor change I often perform is fixing the parameter shown in drop down boxes. As you can see from this report “Status of a specific advertisement”, I’m getting a list of advertisement ID’s and not the advertisement name.

2.    To fix the problem, open the Reporting Services website. Find the report, click the drop down box and select Edit the report with SQL Reporting builder 3.0 (requires SQL Server 2008 R2).

3.    An installation of SQL Reporting Builder 3.0 will automatically launch.

4.    The report will open in design mode

5.    Click Parameters and open the properties for AdvertID parameter.

6.    Click Available Values and in the label field, select AdvertisementName.

7.    Click OK and close the properties.

8.    Run the report and the list of names should be shown instead of the ID values.

9.    Finally click Save and the report changes will be saved.





Newsletter Update – Modifying the Lite Touch Wizard – Part II

If you like what you see, keep on reading…

A while back I did a post on how to modify the Lite Touch wizard and here is the next part. Once more it is customer that wanted some hardware information before installing the OS on the machine, most of the properties is already in the system but some does not exist. The way to solve that is to create a userexit script, which is VB script that runs as part of customsettings.ini. It exists, runs the script and returns the value and assigns it to a custom property

So, here is an sample of a userexit “thing” in customsettings.ini

Priority=Init,  Default
Properties=MyCustomProperty,  CPUName


So, here is what happens. ZTIgather will read the “Settings” section, it finds the “Priority” and then it finds the “Init” section. So it jumps to the “Init” section and then it runs the “hardwareinfo.vbs” script, it looks for a function called “SetCPUName”. It runs that and return the value into the property called CPUName

So, if we then create a Wizard pane we can now display that value, or we could use CPUname like any other Property.

Read the complete story here


Configure MDT 2010 to send an email when deployment is completed

A while ago I and fellow MVP Mikael Nystrom created a small vbscript that sends an email when the deployment is completed….here it is J

Download ZTISendmail


1.      Download and extract the file to a folder, say D:\ZTISendMail

2.      Using Deployment Workbench, create an application using the following settings

a.      Application with source files

b.      Application Name: ZTISendMail

c.      Source Directory: D:\ZTISendMail

d.      Specify the name of the directory that should be created: ZTISendmail

e.      Command Line: cscript.exe ZTISendMail.wsf

f.       Working Directory: .\Applications\ZTISendmail

3.      Add the ZTISendmail application as the final step of the task sequence (see below screenshot)

4.      Configure your rules (customsettings.ini) using sample customsettings.ini file (content below).




Priority=Default, SendMail




_SMSTSOrgName=%OSDComputername% soon to be in service



OSDSendMailSubject=Mail from MDT01

OSDSendMailBody=The computer: %OSDComputerName% was installed at:



Where to find us......



Understand how hackers attack the Windows Platform with Marcus Murray

Online Live    

June 20-22
August 8-10

Mastering PKI & Certificate Services 2008 R2 with Hasain Alshakarti

Online lIve

August 15-17
October 31

Deployment Geek Week with Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom

Redmond, WA

July 18-22

Master MDT 2010 and WDS in the deployment process (aka Lite Touch) with Mikael Nystrom

Minneapolis July 27-29

The Ultimate ConfigMgr2012 and MDT2012 training with both Kent Agerlund and Johan Arwidmark

New York City August 15-19


Full schedule at






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