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July 23, 2012
Geek Week ll - System Center 2012

Dear Per, Johan and Mike,


I have just completed your online survey and I wanted to personally thank each of you for what I consider to be one of the very best training programs ever.  In terms of the knowledge you have imparted, the skills gained and value received from this event, I can’t speak highly enough of my experience over the past 5 days.


In almost every respect, your program was well planned, executed and delivered.  While there may have been a few very minor typos and oversights in the lab materials, these few items were trivial in comparison to the tremendous value received by participants.


I have 14 years of public speaking, training and presentation skills under my belt and I’ve attended numerous paid and free training programs around Microsoft and other technologies over the years.  With the exception of a few sessions delivered by Microsoft employees, most training facilitators end up just going through the motions.  Geek Week II was one of the few times I experienced a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for content delivery on the part of the trainers.


Perhaps it was Johan’s and Mike’s “tag-team” approach [or, that you could freely comment to each other in Swedish about how many stupid mistakes I or others may have made in the labs ;-) ], but, for whatever reason, I sensed both Johan and Mike truly enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experience regarding the subject matter at hand.


To me, it was a privilege to come to Microsoft HQ in Redmond WA for this program.  The price was a bargain – given the quality of the instruction, the venue, the internal Microsoft representatives we were able to meet and, not to mention the hotel and food included in the deal.  I’ve tweeted about this and I will be raving about it to our IT Pro community as soon as I return to Calgary next week.


Thanks so much to each of you for a truly fantastic week.  I look forward to working with you and the TrueSec team in the near future!


Best regards,

Dave Fulton

President of the Calgary IT Pro Community Association

President and CEO of True North Group Inc



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